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Company Information

FBT Wholesale is wholesale division of Foggy Bottom technology. We provide e-commerce service solution for cross border ecommerce sellers. With the booming of ecommerce business, FBT wholesale was founded dedicatedly to help cross-border ecommerce sellers and manufacturers to liquidate the overstock and discontinued inventory in the US.

FBT wholesale is founding and managing member of international logistics association which includes the core 500 cross-borader ecommerce sellers and international logistics gurus. We has very strong connection with main e-commerce seller in China. We have warehouse locations in Southern California, Nevada, New Jersey and Georgia and service centers in Shenzhen and Zhejiang. That ensures us to supply most newly and hot selling closeout products to retail customers. Retailers and wholesalers like to work with us to find the best products to resell.

Why Choose Us

With 10 years of experience, our knowledge and product supply chain is second to none. We offer variety of products in over wide merchandising categories with new merchandise arriving daily. Whether you are a Mass Retailer, Wholesaler, Mom & Pop Shop, Ecommerce Site or simply sell at Flea Markets, we have something for everyone. With service as our highest priority, we are determined to provide our customers with an outstanding experience that allows them to successfully sell any merchandise that they purchase.

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