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Vacuum Sealer Automatic Food Packing Machine

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Product Description
  • Stays fresh for 7x longer: This machine removes all air from specially designed food storage bags to keep contents fresh
  • 2.5 mm sealing width: The 2.5 mm heating wire makes sealing better by keeping foods airtight for longer periods of time
  • Built-in cutter: Often times you need to use scissors to cut the vacuum bags, but the Reelax V2 has a built-in magnetic cover that fits the machine. This unique design helps to cut the vacuum bag neatly every time
  • Supports oil, powder, dry & moist substances: Reelanx can directly discharge the oil and water accumulated in the machine through an innovative piping design
  • Fully enclosed silent membrane Motor with -50KPa negative pressure, effective guarantee vacuum in various types of fresh-keeping containers
  • Built-in air pressure sensing device
  • Touch control panel greatly enhances the operation experience and extends panel life
  • Vacuum bags included
  • Sealing length: ≤ 30 cm
  • Rate voltage: 220V AC
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Rate power: 125 W
  • Sealing width: 2.5 mm