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Contour Gauge with Lock(5Inch+10Inch)Adjustable Duplicator Profile Tool

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Product Description
  • Curved Shape Copy Template
    The Contour Gauge Duplicator- Perfect for shaping the odd shape, curves, irregular corners, winding pipes, contours to laminate, carpet, wood board, tiles in a woodworking project, construction, home renovation.
  • Adjustable Locking Gauge
    This gauge duplicator goes with the locking mechanism, it can keep the shape with no move out of form, lock contour gauge teeth for perfect traces, help you duplicate and transfer the shape accurately to anywhere.
  • Measuring Good Helper
    Just 4 steps, help you replicate various shapes, smooth to push the contour gauge at a constant speed to copy the shape, trim outline and cut into shape. Makes Measuring & Cutting Job Gets Easier.
  • High Precision Contour Gauge
    With the easy-moving needles, this shaping gauge has high precision and a single needle down to 0.06 in, master outline gauge is 5 inches wide, which can provide you a more accurate data.
  • Fine workmanship Profile Tool
    Machined from ABS material, no harm for the surface of the target you would like to shape and duplicate. This layout template tool also has an inch and a centimeter-scale can be used in flexible working projects.